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New Project Idea/Precedents

Group Members: Barbara, Niamh, Roula

We have changed our project idea! Our new concept is to explore physical arousal and interpersonal touch. We aim to physically connect people who are physically apart, through arousal. This project has long distance relationship couples in mind.

The idea is that when a person touches themselves or becomes aroused, a physical arousing stimulus is sent to their partner.

Some precedents include Sonia Cillari’s work “Sensitive to Pleasure”

Hacking My Vagina

We have been exploring the following theories :

Need for Interpersonal Touch

Touch as Interpersonal Emotion Regulation Process in Couples’ Daily Lives

It Feels Like it’s Me: Interpersonal Multisensory Stimulation Enhances Visual Remapping of Touch from Other to Self

Touch Gestures in Communicating Emotional Intention via Vibrotactile Stimulation

To achieve our goal of making a physical connection between couples who are far apart we intend to incorporate:

  • Arduino
  • Photoreceptors
  • Motors
  • Bluetooth
  • Electrodes
  • Stethoscope
  • Pulse Sensor





Inspirational Work

When I attended the 3D printshow in February in NYC, I was lucky enough to get to sit in on a lecture given by Manu Mannoor -one of the scientists at Princeton University who created a 3D printed ear that can “hear” radio frequencies beyond the normal human range. Using the 3D printing of cells and nanoparticles followed by a cell culture, Mannoor combined a small coil antenna with cartilage, creating what they termed as a ‘bionic ear’.  This type of work really opens the door for future biotechnological projects and reminded me of a lot about what we have been discussing in the digital self. The integration of biosensors in the body  presents a lot of ethical questions as well.



Also at the 3D print show, I listened to prosthetic designer, Tom Most talk about how 3D printing is revolutionizing traditional orthopedic and prosthetic practices. His methods combine traditional hands-on methods with digital / 3D print processes, creating a better fitting socket, which is lighter, stronger, and less expensive than the traditional methods of fabrication. I am particularly interested in how bio sensors can be used with prosthetics.

Neuromorphic Atomic Switch Networks

Neuromorphic Atomic Switch Networks:


Self-organization and Emergence of Dynamical Structures in Neuromorphic Atomic Switch Networks:

Some of  the research done at CNSI UCLA where Adam Z. StiegAudrius V. Avizienis, and James K. Gimzewski are working on simulating neuronal networks with nano silver strands.

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