take control :: radiohead installation :: roula + enrica + fabiola :: final project

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This project is an interactive installation that meditates on the links between real and digital space in relation to the real and digital self. By creating a link between brainwave biometrics and data, the project redefines what it means to be human from a state submersed in genetic memory to being reconfigured in the electromagnetic field of the circuit, in the realm of media in its visual form.

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A clip from “no surprises” official video by Radiohead is modified according to the user’s attention levels. The video shows Thom York drowning. The metaphor is created by linking the attention levels to the fate of Thom through the user’s control over the water level. It is a life and death situation. The higher your attention level is, the lower the water level is and Thom survives. The lower your attention levels get, the higher the water level goes and Thom drowns and suffocates; leaving you with interesting facts about media and awareness.

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Here is a link to a dropbox folder that includes the openframeworks code as well as video documentation

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