Ray Kurzweil Reading

The book, How to Create a Mind: The secret of Human Thought Revealed, chapter 3: A Model of The Neocortex: The Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind, the author, Ray Kurzweil wrote about how the complicated and intricately brain works. Some points were very interested to me and raised my attentions.

Kurzweil wrote the lower levels of the neocortex is the redundant patterns, and the higher levels is patterns with all sorts of continuums, such as levels of attractive, irony, happiness, frustration, and myriad others. Also, the methods of the patterns recognizer are 1) receiving sensory data 2) redundancy in our cortical pattern memory 3) ability to combine two lists. He wrote creating and gaining connections of these three methods are coming from experience.

I agree with Kurzweil. We as individuals, we have all different memories and that makes us unique. We do not experience smelling, hearing, feeling, thinking, perceiving, and predicting something same ways. As human being, these unique experience are the major difference from being AI.

Also, I found that we start to have experience and learning from when we are the fetus. I have heard many time that how mother thinkings, feelings, and acting effect on babies. I agree that the fetus has a brain and they learn and recognize directly, and that develop their memory stronger.

“Dream are examples of undirected thoughts” (p.143) I have heard that you are the most creatively brainstorm while you are in sleep because you are blocked from real world matters which is unnecessarily regulate your thoughts.