MindFlex Assignment – Julie & Ayo

Title: Mind Bender


Our concept was to use a movie clip from the movie Clockwork Orange where they are brainwashing the protagonist.  We thought it would be a comical parody to reference brainwashing in a 1971 science fiction movie that comments on brainwave technology.  Our goal was to set the attention variable to a red overlay on the playing movie, so that it translates to the more attention you give to the movie it evokes red which is a color that connotes anger and violence.  The more attention you give the movie the images are distorted by the red overlay, so it censors the playing movie based on your attention level.  Then we wanted to control the running frame rate of the movie with the meditation level, so the movie would play faster or slower based on how meditative the user is while watching the movie.  The attention and meditation creates a cyclical interaction of the movie with the viewer by using those variables to control, but also be effected by the viewer’s reaction to the playing movie clip.

However, we experienced technical difficulties with receiving a serial read for attention and meditation, so we substituted those values with High Beta and High Alpha.  We used the ofMap(); function to map those numbers to be translatable for the color tint and frame rate by inputting the lowest and highest values for those variables and mapped it to the color tint, and to the frame rate.


Effects of the red overlay on movie: