DIGITAL TASTE – The Heating pad testing stage 1

With this post we are going to explain our Heating Pad Testing. According to the research paper about the “digital taste synthesizer” the heat is very important into the perception and creation of tastes.

foto 3

img above: Arduino UNO and a thermistor

We are Programming the micro controller (Arduino UNO) to control the heating pad.

foto 1

img above: Heating pad

 After  a first testing we realized that the heating pad became very  hot, so we decided to add a temperature sensor (Thermistor) to measure the variation of the temperature and then we can work on the control of the heat.

foto 4

img above: setting the Thermistor

The temperature sensor is giving data with numbers that we have to convert into degrees. (we are taking this info into the – wikipedia page of thermistor )