Rasperian Screen Update

Production update:

The Raspberry Pi arrived with a 7″ LCD and LCD controller, at this time the next steps were taken to create the “realistic” screen effect.

Step 5: Load Noobs onto Raspberry Pi. This task proved challenging to a beginner. First the software had to be downloaded from the Pi Website downloads page. After downloading this disc image an 8 GB SD card was formatted using SDFormatter. Formatting the disc with this tool allowed the Pi to boot off of the system copied to it.


Step 6: Configure Noobs. After placing the SD card in the Pi. The Pi was connected to share the network connection from a laptop through Ethernet and a TV set using an HDMI connection. Upon boot, see image below, the screen loads with a minimal menu. From this screen, the timezone, and sd card configurations are set.
photo 2


Step 7: Install XBMC. Once configured, XBMC was installed onto the SD card through the “sudo” commands in terminal. Once installed, the SD card was placed back in the Pi. After booting to make sure the Media Center loaded, a video screen recording was taken from a working desktop and loaded onto the Pi through a jump drive. The test video playback can be seen on the video below.

Step 8: Installing the Raspberry Pi to the Laptop LCD. The monitor was then taken apart stripping the shell away from the LCD. The inverter was  and LCD cables were pulled out and found to be incompatible to the the controller purchased. An extensive search was made with no luck to find an adapter. xfLUhGTeHn3TeiAB.huge

Step 9: External monitor fix. Since no fix could be made to have a functioning screen work within the laptop an HDMI to DVI converter was used to create this effect on an external monitor. The Pi was then placed in the laptop. Wires were placed into the laptop in their usual places to ensure all connections needed were made and give the appearance the computer was actually running. (See image below.)
2014-03-27 17.12.42

Step 10: Close casing. The casing was then closed and the machine was tested again.