Midterm Presentation | Progress and Revised proposal| HAL 2.0


The body is finding it increasingly difficult to match the expectations of technology. HAL 2.0 is an attempt to transgress the boundaries between human and machine by putting them in osmosis.

The idea is to create a connection between human biometrics by mapping breath, and the machine’s “lungs”, hacking into the the machine to control the fans.

The metaphor is direct link between human and machine components that emphasizes this idea of transgression.


Here are some cool precedents that inspired us!

PrintHAL, super computer with human logic, and his reaction to being shut down.

Watch : Hal 9000 VS Dave – Ontological scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey

her-movie-posterHer explores the possibility of the development upon our complex, perplexing relationships with our computers, phones, etc

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.42.47 PMArtist Bjork explores cybernetic emotions in her son All is full of love

Watch the music video

Artistic Precedents

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.49.10 PMAnaisa Franco

“Anaisa Franco has been creating suspended robotic sculptures that interconnect the physical with the digital in form of animations and intensities, searching for a chemical between materials, using concepts of psychology and dreams she provides an imagination and feelings for the sculptures.” – artists statement

Watch the Interview : The Creators Project

Technological Precedents


Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.55.53 PMCreate an Apple/Arduino Alert Flag

FDP23FYFQ6DXM8E.MEDIUMRun AppleScript by the wave of a hand


Part one

By using conductive rubber we will be able to capture the user’s breath intervals in analog/digital data that can be imported.

Here is a video of a successful test.

Part two

Option 1: Our initial plan was to connect the breath sensor with Arduino and control through AppleScript  the fans of a Mac.After several attemps of CPR on this machine (iMac Model A1058) it quickly went into sleep mode.

Option 2: After facing the technical issues with the iMac we opted for another solution.

Simulation of screen: Using a Raspberry Pi we are now working on simulating the functioning of the iMac through its screen.

Here’s a link to some tech research on that

How to Choose an LCD Screen For Your Raspberry Pi Media Panel

Connecting the breath sensor to computer fans: imbedded in the back of the iMac

Here is our google doc presentation