Betty and Stephanie’s project proposal

digital self midterm


Animals emit distinct smells for two reasons:

1) To attract a mate

2) As a form of aggression

We were inspired by these instincts to create a series of fashionable, wearable gloves that emit scents triggered by galvanic skin response.  We would use a pungent scent that would be triggered if stress levels were high, as indicated by a GSR system.

– The GSR triggers different odors ranging from bad smells to good smells depending on your mood when interacting with someone

– The GSR would be connected to two fingertips while the scent dispenser would be located on the inside of the wrist

– Aesthetically, the gloves would look like the animals they are representing


DIY GSR sensor- 2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNF9v9NFlz_yoFnKhSQnZjSNkyHkmg