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Digital Self Final / MFADT Thesis


The Qualified Life is an embodied Dystopian experience that re-imagines the relationship between ourselves and our work, between the Quantified Self and the Quantified Other, and between quantification and qualification.

Imagine arriving at a job interview, and having to prove your qualifications to a machine.  Would you trust this machine to understand your personality and how you are qualified for the job? How would you feel during this experience, having no knowledge of what data sets the interviewer are using to judge your aptitude for the job?

In taking a critical and satirical approach to the current trend of Quantified Self and Internet of Things in product design, this year long research explores the ethical quandaries of employee monitoring and risk management policies in the workplace, as they exist in the form of gamification, pervasive computing technology, and corporate wellness.

Concept progress


The new idea is to map heat and humidity that the body (the armpit in particular) gives off to create a metaphor of the body as inhabitable planets. In actuality, the body really is a planet, in the sense that various parts of the body provide enough of an ecosystem for different bacteria to grow.


Group {Maxine + Fei} Ideas

Initial Proposals

1. A long range communication device using bodily response as unique code that can be sent across distances

2. An accessory or clothing that reveal one’s emotions

3. Collaborative public painting with body as medium

We were having a little bit of a hard time figuring out which project to do from this list as they’re pretty different from each other. Finally we came to the conclusion that we want to make something that at the minimum, is aesthetically pleasing as a canvas. So we picked the 3rd direction.

Memo Atken, "Bodypaint"
Memo Atken, “Bodypaint”

We want to explore thermal paints to capture an ephemeral impression of the participant that would fade and change colors as people interact with the canvas.

Jay Watson, "Linger a Little Longer"
Jay Watson, “Linger a Little Longer”

The presentation can be seen here: Google Doc