Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Neuro Gaming conference in San Fransisco. Not only was I able to listen to the panel discussions, but I spent a large portion of my time hooked up to Open BCI.

First, I attended my very first hackathon. I assisted in making the training software for a classifier, as well as hardware hacking a hex robot for the team to use. The goal was to have the robot move as the user thought of moving their right/left/forward… but the classifier was not completed in time. The end result was the robot moving on EMG readings through the Open BCI. The team was given honorable mention. ¬†Here is some video documentation taken during the second hackathon at Berkley.

The conference itself was not limited to neuro gaming. Representatives from Oculus, and many famous game designers attended. I was particularly interested in the therapy based aspect of the conference, as much of my work revolves around this topic. I took notes and brought back pamphlets of all the cool stuff they had there. It will be accessible on my google drive here.

Below are some pictures and a video of some of my own brainwaves from the conference/demos.  Note how I have a hard time producing an alpha wave.

my brainwaves with Open BCI