Digital Taste- Midterm Presentation – Birce/Enrica/Fito


Midterm Presentation of “Digital Taste”

digital self midterm pres2

digital self midterm pres3 

digital self midterm pres4

digital self midterm pres5 

digital self midterm pres6

digital self midterm pres7

digital self midterm pres8digital self midterm pres9

digital self midterm pres10

digital self midterm pres11



From beginning to end, we were so enthusiastic to give a try to create digital Taste.  We ended up building our first prototype with a satisfactory result. We could have different tastes changing the voltage amount (0-5V) on the user’s tongue through silver electrodes and a heating pad.

During the all process, we had different feedbacks from the users that experienced the first prototype of “Digital Taste”.  Some of them tasted just sour. Some of them tasted sour and spicy. Also, some users experienced just spicy. Not only, we  achieved to create digital taste. But also, we understood that taste is not objective; it is subjective.

At the end we generated a synthetic salty-sour-spicy  taste.


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