Group {Maxine + Fei} Ideas

Initial Proposals

1. A long range communication device using bodily response as unique code that can be sent across distances

2. An accessory or clothing that reveal one’s emotions

3. Collaborative public painting with body as medium

We were having a little bit of a hard time figuring out which project to do from this list as they’re pretty different from each other. Finally we came to the conclusion that we want to make something that at the minimum, is aesthetically pleasing as a canvas. So we picked the 3rd direction.

Memo Atken, "Bodypaint"
Memo Atken, “Bodypaint”

We want to explore thermal paints to capture an ephemeral impression of the participant that would fade and change colors as people interact with the canvas.

Jay Watson, "Linger a Little Longer"
Jay Watson, “Linger a Little Longer”

The presentation can be seen here: Google Doc