Assignments for Week 4

It was unfortunate that our class was cancelled last Thursday, because I had a great lecture prepared for you. I will reschedule this lecture for another time, as we have a guest lecturer for our next class. Dr. Zarinah Agnew, she is a neuroscientist at the Department of Otolaryngology of UC San Francisco. I met her because she was interested in learning more about bone conduction, and given that I made a mouth piece that plays music to be perceived through the teeth she contacted me. You can find out more information about her here:   & Make sure to have questions prepared for her, as this is a great opportunity to inquire about neuroscience.


By next class you should all have your groups finalized with a suite of ideas to embark upon. Each group will have time to present your ideas to the class, so that we can help you decide which idea you should develop. It would be great if you have breadboarded prototypes, as you know that a circuit is the main requirement for your midterm project. That said, you should choose your groups wisely, given that some of you may have more experience with physical computing than others.
Please read all of Part I of The Body Electric, this book has some very interesting insights on the electric components of regeneration. We will be moving through this book fairly quickly, as we have more material to cover. Please attain the book called The Spark of Life: Electricity in the Human Body by Frances Ashcroft. This author is a great scientist who discovered a cure for type I diabetes in younger patients by understanding ion channels in cells.
Post a summary of your ideas to the blog including all of your collaborators. Make sure to identify key elements of your concepts, include sketches and inspirational references to your ideas. Every post must include a few images and a paragraph description.
Hope you have a good weekend, and enjoy the changing topography of the city as snow falls, sticks, melts, and refreezes.